How is CBD flower commercially grown and why is True Indoor better?

Hemp is cultivated on outdoor farms across large acreage, in greenhouses with natural and sometimes assisted lighting, and in indoor facilities using advanced lighting and environmental control inside of a contaminant-free lab-like facility. Many greenhouse operations are technically “indoors” but light levels are not as high, and control of humidity, carbon dioxide, temperature, and contamination by molds and insects, not as efficient as in true indoor operations. True indoor operations are the most costly, but the end product flower is clearly better in potency, flavor, aroma, and color.

Deep Light Technologies dba True Indoor CBD is California’s first and only licensed indoor CBD Hemp cultivation facility. The method of lighting used by True Indoor CBD can be 5x the normal daylight index that can occur in Southern California. Ideal for growing super flowers. By having an environmentally-sealed facility, there are no outside contaminants. No mold, no insects, no cross-pollination. This is why zero pesticides and chemical additives are needed in our true indoor grow. in contrast to farms and greenhouses that must rely on pesticides and fungicides to grow their hemp.

The majority of commercially grown CBD hemp is intended for whole plant extraction of CBD oil.  This is generally done in large vats of ethanol at high temperatures effectively destroying delicate and beneficial phytochemicals including terpenes and flavonoids.  This is then in turn distilled to produce a chemical isolate of CBD.  This is a white powder devoid of many beneficial compounds such as other cannabinoids, and terpenes and flavonoids. 

It is well known that the benefits of CBD are much enhanced when part of an entourage of all the plant's available phytochemicals.  This entourage effect is experienced by using Premium CBD Hemp products, or clean extractions of this flower that contain a full spectrum or entourage of terpenes and cannabinoids as they occur naturally in the cannabis plant.  

Consumers should be aware!

Consumers should be aware of the major differences in quality of hemp oil products extracted from plants grown outside in farms, in greenhouses, or true indoor laboratory facilities.  The fundamental purpose of True Indoor's science-driven indoor cultivation facility is to enhance the natural growth to express  the best plant chemistry for the greatest health benefits.  Take note that many claim greenhouses are indoor facilities but this is not “true indoor”, defined as an environmentally sealed facility with tight environmental control of light, air, nutrients and water. 

What is especially unique about True Indoor’s facility is that everything is grown organically in microbe-rich "living soil" for the sole purpose of producing a plant with the highest CBD and terpene levels.  Few compare to the scientific rigor and engineering of True Indoors California based CBD Hemp Cultivation Facility. Our state of the art facility uses energy efficient lighting and sustainable cultivation methods with precise control of the administering of light, CO2, water and organic nutrients.  At True Indoor we believe that the best products are those that help humans while respecting mother earth.  Choose True Indoor because it’s good for you and it’s good for the planet. 

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