What Are Natural CBD Products?

CBD products come in many forms and can contain a single isolate (1 compound), or a full spectrum of many compounds. Originally, full-spectrum meant CBD plus all other naturally occurring phytochemicals contained in the hemp flower. However, many claim their products are full spectrum when they are produced non-naturally – by mixing synthesized isolates.  

In comparison, True Indoor’s CBD oil contains all the plant’s natural phytochemicals, including a wide range of special cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. THC, the intoxicating cannabinoid found in marijuana must be less than 0.3% for products to be considered CBD Hemp, and therefore legal anywhere in the U.S.

True Indoor CBD products are derived from only the flowers where the richest, and highest concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes are found. No leaves, no stems, no adulterants, only pure flowers. This puts True Indoor CBD products in an echelon above, and with a limited production, is intended for only the most discerning with an eye for the very best, most pure, unadulterated organic products.

If smoking isn’t appropriate for you, you can take CBD in the form of full-spectrum oil tinctures, capsules, or edibles. It takes longer to feel the effects of orally-ingested CBD, but relief can last longer with repeated use.

Smokable CBD Hemp Flower

This is a popular way to consume CBD. Especially if you have quit or are trying to quit smoking tobacco or other harmful vaporized inhalants. To smoke the flower you can roll it into a joint or grind it up and use it in a pipe, or a vaporizer. 


Many customers prefer to eat edibles as a source of CBD. This is a much more delayed effect that can provide relief for several hours. Edibles can range from gummy bears to brownies and if you have a favorite treat you can even use CBD Hemp Tinctures to make your own edible recipe.


A Tincture is an alcohol or oil-based substance which is administered orally. The product can vary in potency and ingredients so it’s important to know if you have a product with artificial flavors or one that is 100% organic. When shopping, look for products that only contain extracts from the hemp plant itself, or in its most pure form straight from the flowers. 


Through a process called transdermal absorption CBD can be absorbed through the skin. That’s why you’ll often see CBD lotions, balms, and bath mixers available for your comfort and enjoyment. 



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