What is True Indoor?

True Indoor is a limited production CBD flower that is harvested inside a state of the art laboratory in Los Angeles, CA.
Unlike CBD that is grown on a farm or in a greenhouse, True Indoor contains no pesticides and is 100% organic. We use scientific methods combined with technological innovation to produce the highest quality craft CBD flower on the market today. 

True Indoor CBD contains less than .03% THC and is robust with terpenes. It is not meant to be boiled down into an isolate, but rather to be enjoyed in its purest, most preserved state.
    True Indoor CBD is an endeavor by Deep Light Technologies, Inc. a fully-licensed, CDFA-approved, industrial hemp production corporation.  All True Indoor Flower is grown inside of our fully customized, Los Angeles, CA-based, facility, and all products are tested before sale to insure the highest quality.

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