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Welcome to our Wholesale Portal!

Prices vary based on quantity and number of recurring orders. Deep Light Technologies dba True Indoor CBD is a science driven cultivation lab in Los Angeles that has developed an accurate and repeatable cultivation process. We are unique in that we only cultivate inside a contaminant-free laboratory facility, and we are a single source/single strain supplier licensed by the California Department of Food and Agriculture to grow and sell CBD hemp across the U.S. 

The popularity of CBD hemp and hemp-derived products continues to drive a large and growing market, presenting some excellent business opportunities.  Wholesale customers with online stores are flourishing as they establish their brands nationwide. Brick and mortar businesses are experiencing an increasing number of customers purchasing a variety of CBD products. 

Unlike Adult Use cannabis that is restricted to a physical premises and in-state commerce only, CBD hemp (industrial hemp) is legal on a federal level and can be sold across the US without these restrictions. Multi State Operators (MSOs) are launching compliant CBD brands not only to benefit from this sizable and growing market, but as a vehicle to increase their brand footprint across the U.S. This new strategic path provides that they are well-positioned when Adult Use cannabis is federally legal having already established their brands on a national level. 

We are enthusiastic to support our wholesale partners' strategic plans as they expand their footprint in the US and ultimately the world.

Prices may vary depending on our yields but we always do our utmost to pass any savings along to the customer. After all, your success is our success!

Wholesale Products offered:

  • Packaged products – sealed, tamper-proof
  • Bulk flower
  • Pre-rolls

Wholesale Services offered:

  • White label services
  • Contract cultivation
  • Strain exclusivity
  • Pre-roll exclusivity
  • Product packaging and fulfillment
  • Repeatable and accurate cultivation for supply chain consistency
  • GMP-capable for medical and pharmaceutical partners