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True Indoor Naturals

Relax Bundle

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Our EXTRA STRENGTH RELAX BUNDLE gives you natural full spectrum CBD in three different products that can be used together to relax the body and mind and help you sleep at night!  Our RELAX Full Spectrum Flower Tincture calms the mind of racing, nervous thoughts, while relaxing the body of physical tension.  It melts away mental anxiety and physical aches and discomfort due to stress, helping you kick back and have a restful, quality sleep. For uninterrupted sleep, apply our maximum strength MASSAGE BALM to relieve muscle and joint aches that can keep you awake at night. For a potent and quick effect to help you sleep, try our SOUR ELEKTRA PREROLLS to enhance your relaxation further. You will remain clear-headed and not wake up up the next morning feeling foggy. All True Indoor's products are made only from 100% organic indoor grown flower for the highest potency full spectrum CBD. You will benefit from a potent entourage effect with our super full spectrum of beneficial plant cannabinoids and terpenes.